Max Msp Sketch for Duemilanove

As recently as last summer, I worked with the Arduino Duemilanove. Before the arduino website and hardware was updated, there was an easy sketch to upload to the Duemilanove that enabled it to work with Max Msp. I can't seem to find that sketch anywhere (either online or on my lap top). Can you please help me find it?

My max patch is fine, i just need that arduino sketch.

Thanks so much for your help.

check out my blogpost here:


If you are looking for something like firmate for max, I think there is a max plugin, but I dont know anything about it. However, using a serial connection should work fine for most applications.

If you need more info on how to set up a serial connection, feel free to ask more questions here, I'll try to help you.



Thanks so much for the link, but after much searching (and nearly losing my mind), I found exactly what I was looking for

I used this thing last summer and it was very straightforward and simple.

wow. thats a really nice solution. I was not aware of it.

thank you for the link, my friend :slight_smile:



Question a few years later: Has anyone had luck modifying the Arduino2Max sketch and Max patch to work with the Due? If so, I'd be indebted if you'd share. Thank you!