Max number of LED strips per Arduino Mega?

Hi everyone,

This may be a simple question or (I'm thinking) very dependent upon the type of LED strips, the power required, programming etc., but I'm trying to figure out roughly how many LED strips could be strung together and hooked up to an Arduino Mega. Anybody have an idea of how many strips one mega could handle?

Any help is very much appreciated!


There is no limit really - so long as your definition becomes max number of LED strips you can control per Arduino Mega rather than the max you can power from one.

Your Arduino can use MOSFETs, or relays, or shift registers, transistors etc etc to control the brightness or simply switch a LED strip off and on, while the control signals will be measured in thousandths of an Ampere at 5 Volts the LED strips can be independently powered by any source you desire.

Hope that makes sense, Geoff