Max number of Xbee modules?

Hi all,

I am currently developing a system that uses around 6 xbee modules to communicate with max/msp through a make controller. I hoping now to switch to arduino and wanted to check that the arduino could handle 6 xbee signals at once (maybe more in future)? If so, will the Duemilanove do or will I need the Mega?

Thanks, Chris

Out of interest, why on earth would you ever need 6 xbee modules on one arduino?

I'm afraid I don't know if the duemilanove would be able to cope with that though.

Ah, I may have not explaind this very well.

I have 6 different sensors each sending a signal (through it's own xbee) to the arduino (with one xbee receiver).

The arduino does not have 6 xbee's on it ;)

Thanks, Chris

Oh ok :D

I presume that you can just set them all to the same frequency etc and have your arduino receive everything from them. The arduino could cope fine with that.

Or do you want to send different data from the arduino to each xbee module or something?


No that's right, they are all just sending their sensor information to the arduino.

Thanks for your help.