Max17043 in multiple phone battery

Hello I am planning planning to use Max17043 to calculate the state of charge of 6 phone batteries but I later realized that Max17043 use I²C communication, in that case I am thinking of using AND gate as Enabler for the 6 batteries that I will implement. Is my solution possible for this?

I'd take a look at CD74HC4051..

Can you please elaborate in how I am going to use the CD74HC4051

..4051 is an analog multiplexer. When voltage from each of your batteries is connected to inputs your arduino can select which input is selected for the output. Battery voltage can be read on a single Arduino analog in (one at a time) ......... Is it possible to skip the part and use several analog inputs ?

It seems that this chip keeps track of voltage fluctuations to measure SOC of the battery it's connected to. If so, then you can't just switch batteries, but you have to use one MAX chip for each battery. Leo..