MAX187 and Arduino Mega2560

I'm relatively new to hardware but am learning fast.
I'm playing around with reading pressure sensors to calulate airspeed, altitude, etc.

Until now I've been using the on-board AD converters but now I need to move up to higher resolution. A popular ADC seems to be the Maxim MAX187. I grabbed a few sample from Maxim and I am not trying to interface them.

I've got my MAx187 wired like this:

Pin 1: Vdd - 5v -- connected to the 5v connector on the Mega2560

Pin 2: Ain - connected to the sensor

Pin3: Shutdown pin - not sure. connect to an available analog pin and set high or low to turn adc on/off?

Pin 4: Reference - using internal ref...connected pin to ground

Pin 5: Ground - connected to ground

Pin 6: Dout - Connected to Mega pin 50 (MISO)

Pin 7: CS - connected to Mega pin 51 (MOSI)

Pin 8: SCLK - conncted to Mega pin 52 (SCK)

So, several questions.

Do I ahve the SHDN connction and use correct
Do I have the three SPI pins correct?
The MAX187 datasheet says to connect my SS (Mega pin53) to a 5v source..Teh diagram also shows a resistor between the 5v source and the pin but gives no values. What do I do there?