MAX232 connection to EFCom/GPRS Shield

Help wanted.

I am trying to take the serial printer output and send it to an Arduino Uno then out through a EFCom/GPRS Shield from ELECFREAKS and SMS to my cell phone.

I am wondering how I can connect a MAX232 to the Arduino or the EFCom to input the serial data since the EFCom is riding on top the the Uno.

Male pins have been added to the EFCom to allow for connection of the 232.

Do you have documentation for the serial port of this unknown serial printer?

The Arduino driver on the PC simulates a serial port./ Can't you let your PC application use that serial port? No need for RS232 in that case.

You can use SoftwareSerial or one of it's cousins to get the second serial port. Have a look at the library reference.