MAX232 inside an Arduino Serial Single Sided

After watching the schematic of the Arduino Serial Single Sided, I wonder:

Couldn't be replaced the 2 transistors close to the serial conector by a MAX232 or ST232 DIP IC ?

I think the 232 device would give volt signals more accurate to what the serial protocol expects.

Placing a 232 would increase the size of the board, but as the Serial Single Sided is thought for handmaking, I think a little size increase would not be a problem.

Any opinion will be welcome.

I think the same thing, and so do others: there are at least two places to buy such boards (here and here), and some folks have released their schematic and board layout files as well. I think at least one of them is single sided.

Check out this thread.


Thank you very much kg4wsv, in such a brief answer the information received was absolutly beautiful and complete.

As I am a novice I had not found your suggested thread by myself, but now I have seen it and I admire your community results.

I think any of the 2 solution kits are highly recommended for anyone who wants to start in Arduino without spending too much. Price is good.

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