Max30100 on ESP32 Lora Board with OLED trouble

Hello there,

Actually i copied this issue from github after uploading my issue, because there is no comment yet.
Please attention my case and help me.

Board: ESP LoRa32 TTGO 3pcs
Core Installation/update date: 2/JAN/2019
IDE name: Arduino IDE with espressif
Flash Frequency: ?40Mhz?
PSRAM enabled: YES
Upload Speed: 115200
Computer OS: Windows 10

Hello, I am such a newbie of these arduino things.
I am on smart watch band that can measure and send heart rate, location via LoRa.

It’s TTGO ESP32 LoRa Board(Heltec), I connected Max30010 to 21,22 PINs and
will connect Neo-6m GPS to 16,17 PINs.

Before GPS connection, I tried Heart Rate sensor works first and it works standalone with max30100 library.
However, as my code as below, i mixed serveral codes for working together.
They would conflict each pox.begin(HR sensor) with others. Maybe SPI and U8g2
When screen and LoRa work well, the heart rate sensor can’t read the value(IR LED is okay).
I used libarary includes file without modifying.

I attached my .ino file.

I am stuck for this problem. please advice me.
This is so important project to me.
i worry about GPS connection too.

smart_watch_band.ino (7.73 KB)

Dear Gcoopers, were you able to solve this problem? I'm also having trouble with the MAX30100 when used with other modules at the same time.