MAX30101 IR led not lighting up

Hi! I got a MAX30101 sensor for a project and hooked it up to my Arduino Uno board as shown in the hookup guide. The PWR led lights up, but the IR led does not and the code from the MAX30105 library prints "MAX30105 was not found. Please check wiring/power". The first time I ran the code the IR led was working and then it stopped working. The sensor is connected to 3.3V, not 5V. I also tried connecting the sensor to an Arduino Mega, but it still didn't work. So far I've been using an aftermarket sensor which also stopped working after trying to use the original one. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!

Please post relevant code, pictures and diagrams. We cannot help without it

While we wait to see your sketch, please confirm your i2C wires from the sensor to the board are correctly connected to SDA and SCL pins. It's easy to put them backwards.

Did you try one of the MAX 30101 or 30105 examples? Make sure you initialize the MAX3010X in void setup(), and open the serial monitor at the proper Baud rate to see any messages prompting you to press a button to start (not always necessary).

The problem could be for many other reasons, so it would be helpful to see your code.

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