Max30201 and LM35

Hi, I am trying to use LM35 for temperature and max30201 for heart beat in my project but the max uses 115200 baud rate and LM uses 9600 is there a way to use them together at the same time with the same code? can the max work on 9600 or is the baud rate for it fixed? because like HC05 Bluetooth module can work on different baud rates for example. or is there a way in the code to use both rates?
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Isn't the 30201 an I2C device?

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I would suggest you read the data sheets on both devices, neither uses the ASYNC serial interface. The LM35 is a voltage output and as AsAWOL stated it is a I2C device which has a synchronizing clock. Look it up in the I2C specification. In answer to your question you can use both and forget about the baud it is not relevant.

sorry i am new to this, but this is a sample code that i saw.

That's a completely different sensor (MAX30105) , but it also uses I2C.

The Serial.begin (115200) is for YOU to be able to read the results.

Please post code, not pictures of code; we are not Ancient Egyptians.

I saw in an example code that they used a Serial.begin(115200) so making it 9600 and using the max is okay?

here is the link for the code

Heart rate and blood oxygen data are also transmitted to the Arduino or other microcontrollers via I2C communication.

From the link.

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