MAX31855, how many readings /second possible ?


I'm using a MAX31855 with the adafruit library to acquire a thermocouple temperature but I wonder how many (reasonably) request is possible to make per second ?

only for thermocouple reading ?
only for internal cold junction reading ?
both for thermocouple and internal reading ?

And what determine that number of request per second ?

I didn't find any information even in datasheet ! (might be bad reading)

Any information appreciated.

Hi there!

I did some googling and found this datasheet which you may or may not have read before. I found a table that listed the temperature conversion time at 70-100 milliseconds. It also lists that time as (Thermocouple, cold junction, fault detection) which I’m guessing means each has a conversion time that falls into the 70 to 100 millisecond range.


Yes, it is at the top of the page 4 of that document !

I need to pay more attention and get myself some good glasses indded !

Thanks a lot.