MAX3421E Circuit

Hey all! Not too sure if this one is in the right place, and many apologies if it isn't. First off, I love diy, which is why I think Arduino and I get along so swimmingly. Anyways, I would love to dabble in ADK and arduino, and intend on getting my hands on the Mega ADK, but currently, money is a little tight. That won't really keep me down, though, and as any decent techie, I can think of nothing more fun than building my own and learning the ins and outs. So, to the point, I would like to know if it's at all possible to use the MAX3421E with Uno (or, more specifically, the ATMega328, seeing as how I have a few of those). I'm pretty confident I can follow the Mega ADK schematic and follow the wiring repectively...that is, if it's possible. All things equal, if it's not doable, no worries. I'm a patient guy, and like having the offical/real thing just a bit more than a diy. Thanks in advance!


With more than twenty IOs on the MAX3421E connected to the Mega2560, I would so no to the 328 ADK project. Might be able to squeak a Mega1284 through, but not a Mega328.

Yea, I can understand that. I was looking at the schem for the ADK and it seems that it's only connected by the SCK, MOSI, MISO, etc. There is one pin I'm unsure about, but other than that it looks like it could integrate rather easily. I could definitely be wrong, though. Im still a noob at arduino.

I see what you mean now. It does communicate through the SPI bus (SCK, MOSI, MISO). Very interesting observation.

So in theory it should work? If so, that's half my battle. Now to figure out an easy way to solder TQFP. I've read plenty of tutorials, and if I had the material, yea sure, I could do it. But my resources are limited. Anyways, thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated!


There is quite a bit of info at google:

Good luck!

Well, I got my hands on a couple of MAX3421 chips. I appreciate the links you sent me, too, btw. Now, one more question...I noticed some bus/buffer drivers (conveniently after ordering the MAXs)... 74lvc1g125 I believe they are. There being only 3 (or 4...can't remember), would a max232 be a viable substitution? I'm ordering some of the buffers anyways, but just out of curiosity...

The hex buffer is really just a voltage logic level shifter for 5v0 microcontrollers to talk to 3v3 devices with 6 input/outputs (hex). The MAX232 is for legacy PC serial to TTL communications (Liken to a FTDI).