MAX3421E issues

I am incorporating MAX3421E USB host IC in my latest design but I’m having trouble getting its oscillator to work. I wonder if someone who has designed this IC on your circuit can check what I might have done wrong. SPI capture indicates that communication is alright (I reduced speed to 1MHz) but oscillator just wouldn’t start up.

I’m using 18pF caps with this crystal:

Can someone share a working part for crystal and caps? I’ve replaced the original crystal that has series resistance 70 ohm with this above but still no go. I’ll reflow a second board if that helps. First board looks perfect with original crystal but while replacing crystals, I always wonder if reflow was good, with a hot air gun.

Thank you!

The board view is attached. There really isn’t much to see. I borrowed from sparkfun’s usb host shield design file. I checked its pins against spec sheet and saw no problems. If you are knowledgeable with this IC and wish to consult for payment, please PM me. The reason I post here instead of on gigs is that I can share back my experience, with working part numbers for future viewers but if you know the stuff and want to get paid to help, I’m more than willing to accommodate and will probably still post back what part numbers work. I feel that the open-source hard designs can be a lot more useful if the parts numbers are also shared :wink: