MAX6951 vs. MAX7219

Hey there. So I was looking at this stuff and I don't quite understand something. The LED's that I plan to use require 3~3.2V, and when I was looking at this page at the bottom of the description it says For applications requiring 3V operation or segment blinking, refer to the MAX6951 data sheet. Does it mean I'll have to use MAX6951? Also looking at this table 1 says that MAX6951 can't be cascaded, or I just don't understand it. For my project I will need to use about 3 or 4 or these chips. Would tutorials that are written for MAX7219 work for MAX6951? Please tell me what is right.

The LED's that I plan to use require 3~3.2V

This is the voltage of the LEDs it is not the voltage you will have to run the driver chip from. Most non red LEDs are this voltage they will run quite happily from a chip powered by 5V. The chip will handle the control of current to the LEDs.