MAX7219 4 in 1 : defining device for beginners

Hello to everyone,

As it took me some time to found what was going wrong with my matrix, i just post here how i did to deal with it.

I just bought a 4 in 1 matrix 7219

An i use the (fantastic) library MD_MAX72xx from MajicDesign

When you have a look in Library (MD_MAX72xx.h), it is said :

PAROLA_HW, ///< Use the Parola style hardware modules.
GENERIC_HW, ///< Use ‘generic’ style hardware modules commonly available.
ICSTATION_HW, ///< Use ICStation style hardware module.
FC16_HW ///< Use FC-16 style hardware module.

In my case the FC16 style hardware just worked fine. If it does not for yours, maybe you should try to change choosing one of those listed above.

And of course, you should put maximum devices as 4 :wink:

You just have to change in your .ino file where you define your harware.
For instance, it gives for me :

// Define the number of devices we have in the chain and the hardware interface
// NOTE: These pin numbers will probably not work with your hardware and may
// need to be adapted
#define MAX_DEVICES 4

Hope it was useful for you !

Max7219 Dot Matric Module 4 in 1.jpg