MAX7219, 7-seg display. Problem with certain characters.

If I have hooked it up like this
But when I try displaying characters on the 7-segment displays it just shows the character for a couple milliseconds, just so you can see the character, and then it turns off the display again.

The wierd part is that i can display certain characters correct i.e they stay lit up as they should. The character I can show correct is: 1, -, ., _, but every other characters just flickers on- and switches of instantly. So I am begining to suspect some software problem in the Arduino lib.

This is the code that works:
But if i change the ‘1’ to ‘2’, or some other character it just flickers on for a millisec or so.

Ideas? :slight_smile:

Fixed it...
The current limit-resistor was to small. With a greater value it workes.

Why didn't i realize that when i only was able to display characters with only one segment... :smiley: