max7219 error

I am a fan of Arduino.
I would run my LED matrix (DLG 5735 Common Cathode Row) with the driver (MAX7219). unfortunately, after the setup step when I use the setleds() on a single LED, it is turned on the all pins of led matrix :frowning:
could you help me on this malfunction?


Anode and cathode connections to array are swapped?

Wrong version DLG5735/ 5736 array provided for PCB?

Kits have been (are being) sold with this exact problem.

hello paul thanks for your attention :slight_smile: i had changed configuration as common anode; but I do not fuction :frowning: now too.
I connected only first row and column with MAX7219, but with this program

#include "LedControl.h"
LedControl lc = LedControl (12,11,10,1); 
void setup () {
lc.shutdown (0, true); 
lc.setIntensity (0.8); 
lc.clearDisplay (0); 
void loop () {
lc.setLed (0,0,0, true); 
delay (10000); 

LEDs do not turn on and I have measured the voltage with the voltmeter on row pin of MAX7219 but on it it's 0. :S
is it possible? i have changed MAX7219 too :frowning:


Well, I have no familiarity with the LedControl library, so i cannot help you at present without finding time to study it/ practice more closely I am afraid ...