MAX7219 LedControl or LedMatrix?

So, ive been trying out the LEDMatrix for the 7219:

Mostly because the code seems to be most logical to me, and i have a vague memory people saying this is the most effective one? (i may be way off tho)

Thing is, the SEG pins doesnt respond to the code as they are suposed to do. I.e, SEG DP is supose to be col1, it isnt. Instead its col 8, while col 1 is tied to SEG D. The rows seem to be in order however. Anyone else having problems with this?

I also gave the LedControl Library a whirl:

It seems to work just fine actually, im just a little uncertain about effectiveness here. Could anyone kill my suspiciousness? :)

Ok, scratch the first question.

Too many hours at work, and too little hours in bed. :-/

How about the efficiency? Difference? I just asking, because the LedControl doesnt make much sense to me. Though, i Can control it. Im building a switch matrix with leds, if that matters.