Max7219 rewiring problem

Probably easiest just to show you a video of my problem!

Video here!

That 8x8 LED matrix board does not have 8 anodes on one side and 8 cathodes on the other side.
The layout is like this:

   R6  R3  C4  R1  C6  C7  R2  R4

  C1~8 = Columns / Anodes, 
  R1~8 = Rows / Cathodes

   R8  C5  C3  R5  C8  R7  C2  C1

The 3 LEDs you see blinking are probably on C4, C6, C7.

Ah... Awesome, let me try again!

All working fine now, thanks

If only all solutions were so straightforward!

Just thought I'd give a quick update and thank everyone for their help thus far...