Is there an equivalent to the MAX7219 which allow the control of the intensity of a led independently from the other intensity ?


There are the MAX6966 and MAX6967, but they're only available in very very small surface mount packages (QSOP, pin spacing of 0.635mm, and TQFN). There's also the CAT9532, which can turn each individual LED on, off, or one of two programmable PWM values. However, these two values are global, not per LED, so essentially you can control 4 different brightness levels total, from what I understand.

Yeah i will not solder surface mount components ! Not yet. Maybe never because i think machines can do that very well !

The CAT9532 seems to be interesting, 4 different brightness is better than 2 ! The negative point is that the max7219 can drive 64 leds instead of 16 fors this one. I need to drive at least 441 leds. So ...

I understand that the cat9532 can keep in memory two blinking frequency. Is the blinking the way to change the brightness ? Stupid question maybe ::slight_smile:

But the cat9532 is a lot cheaper !

As I understand it , the blinking can be set fast enough so the human eye can't see it. It's PWM - the same way the Arduino analog outputs work.

Unfortunately, I think the CAT9532 is also only available in a surface mount package, although the SOIC size is much more manageable for beginners.

I should probably make clear that I personally haven't used any of the chips above, just looked at the data sheets, so don't take my word as gospel! :slight_smile:

152hz would be for no flicker

You can use more than one since they're i2c addressable. Not a bad chip though if it's a knock off of someone else chip Catalyst gets it slightly wrong sometimes so don't push it's limits. :wink: