Max72xx and binary

Well I am looking at some code here, and have found a question… I thought I would ask the experts…
This is in “Control All LED’s In A Row”


Alright so here is what I understand… we are setting the row of LED as indicated. The 0 indicates the first controller? ( as we can daisy chain these, and the code needs to dictate which controller we refer too). The 2 indicates Dig2 which in the schematic is the third row, then we have B10110000. The 1’s and 0’s represent on or off, I get that its pretty easy to see, but what is the B for? Is it stand for binary? and we have to indicate that is what we are using?
This may sound like a dumb question to the experts out there… and I admit I am a self taught programmer… I taught myself Objective-C for developing iPhone apps, in about a month, and I learned C++ through coding a video game LOL. Hey I had to start somewhere. :wink:
Anyways… the help in understanding the details is appreciated. It is nice to know the “whys”, I could always just do it, like it says, but there is more intuitive thinking in the future if I know the whys.
Thank you for any and all help.


That is a define, sadly, and it means binary. This is equivalent:


Stuff on the MAX7219:

It tells the compiler that the number is in binary. How else could you tell 1010101 from 1010101 or 1010101 ?


Thank you very much gentlemen. I appreciate the information.