Max72xx individual led brightness?

I'm pretty new to arduino and electronics but I managed to get this little project up and running (I am not allowed to post a link to the gif I made of it running) using some code I found on the web. I was hoping the Max72xx also allowed to set the brightness of each individual led, and the description of the Max chip does mention digital and analog brightness control.

I'm just wondering if anyone managed to set brightness for individual leds and how that works? It actually doesn't make that much sense to me, maybe the brightness could be set per row... hmz. Help is appriciated.

this is the project so far:

So there is a brightness control on the max chip. But as far as I can tell it's for the whole Led matrix only. I tried to do some code where I clear the matrix, set the brightness, light the led, and do that for all the different Leds that are in use. Hoping that the refresh would be fast enough to kind of 'fake' the brightness per led. No luck so far. Any ideas are welcome.

The register for intensity is 0x0A

The value for intensity is from 0x00 to 0x0F

#define MAX7221_INTENSITY0x0A07 //Intensite positionné a 7

If you send this command , intensity is positionned to 7

but the MAX7221 is for 8 digit display, and intensity change for all digit.