MAX7456 breakout board/remove these RCA jacks from board?


If you remove the RCA connector from MAX7456 breakout board,the camera,video signal will not pass through MAX7456 breakout board.
Sow,Without a plug in the jack, the video is shorted to ground, why?

I use Coaxial RG316 cable,sow i need to solder these cabel to the MAX7456 breakout board,but how to bypassing the RCA jacks??

If I use the RCA jacks and RCA cable, then camera,video signal is pass through MAX7456 breakout board. :slight_smile:

The RCA jacks and RCA cable is to big.

Is there a link to what you are referring to?

So you took the jacks off the board, and now something is shorted?
Or, you want to take them off and wire a cable to the holes instead?

If you take off the connector, then there is no shorting. The connectors have a spring loaded pin that grounds the input when no cable is attached. No connector - no short! No problem.

Why not just wire your cable to an RCA plug?

OP said the plugs were too big.

Of course it is possible. Just remove them both and solder on your wires. The shorting is done in the connectors.