Would anybody be able to offer some guidance on why a MAX9924 connected to an Arduino mega is giving out 5V constantly on the COUT pin, wiring is as follows:

Pin 1 (IN+) 10K --> Signal (red)
Pin 2 (IN-) 10K --> Signal (black)
Pin 3 (NC) No connect
Pin 4 (BIAS) Ground
Pin 5 (GND) Ground
Pin 6 (ZERO_EN)Ground
Pin 7 (COUT) 10K --> 5V pullup
Pin 8 (EXT) No connect
Pin 9 (INT_THRS)Ground
Pin 10 (VCC) 5V

I've run a scope around and everything and I've got about 0.3V on the IN+/IN- but my output (COUT) is just sat at 5V constantly.

Hoping someone can give me a steer in the right direction!

Pin 4 (BIAS) Ground

"a well-decoupled externalresistor-divider generates a VCC/2 signal for the BIAS input that is used to reference all internal electronics in the device. BIAS should be bypassed with a 0.1μF and 10μF capacitor in parallel with the lower half of the resistor-divider forming a lowpass filter to provide a stable external BIAS reference"

Doesn't sound like something you would just wire to ground. Did you look at the application circuits in the data sheet, starting on page 15?

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Can you please post your code?

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max9924 arduino

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: