MAXDAC (Maxim MAX520/521 DAC) Library!

I was sifting through my Maxim samples when I came across these little diamonds in the rough, the MAX521 (also compatible with the MAX520)! These little DACs are stunningly easy to communicate with, but I decided to go ahead and create a little library for them anyways (also as a learning experience).

MAXDAC is a library for interfacing with MAX520/MAX521 Digital-Analog converters (DACs). It utilizes the Arduino's I2C connection to communicate commands to the chip.

The library is fairly simple, but contains all the commands that can be used with this chip, and (I think) is fairly easy to use.

The RAR file contains all the library files, as well as an example that demonstrates the proper syntax and formatting for the MAX520/1.

The file can be found at my blog, here.