Maxed out analog readings from humidity sensor in a ClimaTrax

I'm having issues reading proper values from my typical HiH-4000-003 so to troubleshoot this issue I'm trying to take readings from a ClimaTrax a simple device that properly record humidity that has analog outputs of this reading. I connected the device to the Arduino and all i get for a reading is a constant 1023. My first thought is the arduino can't read higher than that as i read up in the reference files. Is there anyway i can reduce the 4-20MA so i can get a better analog reading so i know what scale to work with?

HIH sensor is easy to connect. Remember the 50k +/- resistance from ouput to GND

The ouput voltage, VOUT= 0.031(RH) + 0.8 (@ 25 C)

If used if different temp, U'll have to compensate