maxim 6921 interfase


who could help me to get a script or program to let the arduino run a maxim 6921 the chip is a vfd driver

pleas help it is for a clock

this is the datasheet

if somone can help me to only multiplexe the numbers i have a c+ script that can use the maxim 6921 but i cant understand it

maybe if somone can translate it to somting that i could understand (arduino standart library)

Cool part! I bet Tango could use this to control switching of relays for his series battery measurements in his electric vehicle.

Richard, does SPI assume you have 8-bit bytes going out?
This one needs 20 bits, 2.5 bytes.

This is probably overkill (and is likely what shiftout does, I’ve not used it yet)):

digitalWrite Load low
digitalWrite Clock low

repeat this part for all 20 bits:
digitalWrite databit0 (using bit 0 from from an array of 20 bytes)
digitalWrite clock High
digitalWrite clock low
digitalWrite databit19 (using bit 0 from from an array of 20 bytes)
digitalWrite clock High
digitalWrite clock low

digitalWrite load high
digitalWrite load low

Or I guess write the data bits part as a loop:
For x = 0 to 19
digitalWrite (outputpin, array)
next x

Kinda crude, but easy to understand.

Robert (hardware guy!, always struggling with the software…)

thankt for the help

but the chip needs to drive the iv-18 vacume tube (display) and now i can (not yet tested) controll all the pins but i cant multiplex it to get words i dont have the datasheet of the iv-18 but i assume evryone knows how a vfd works

but i assume evryone knows how a vfd works

Assumption is the mother of all f u c k ups.

Do you mean the Sovtek iv-18, which has 8 seven segment displays all in one tube?

We'd need to see the datasheet. I'm guessing there are 8 data lines that go to all digits (7 segments plus decimal point), then 8 more lines that are the equivalent of a common anode or cathode. Couple more lines for the large dot & dash at the last digit. So you'd be turning on/off the common anode type line to march across the display, changing the digit data as needed.

Need the datasheet to help more tho.

This fellow here seems to have made a clock from the iv-18 part and posted a schematic & sketch for it.

thank you

now i only need to find a way to burn it to the attiny2313 is that posible???

and remove the brightness controll

Don't know, I am not familiar with that part. The schematic/sketch are for the ATMega 168 type part. Very easy part to use. You can buy it as the ProMini and drop it right into the schematic.

Why the attiny2313? You may want to browse here:

i have bought 5 attiny's for this circut that is why

and i coudnt understand how the software for it works

So, read the sketch for the atmega168 version, update as needed for the pins the attiny uses.
The design you reference appears to be wired to support the data writing that I mentioned earlier, while the atmega based design appears wired for one of the library interfaces, <wire.h>, as indicated in its sketch. The code looks to be commented pretty nicely.

i have just bought 5 atmega 168's well i said i was buildingclocks

no i need to rescript is big time