Maximum EEPROM size

hi . there is market available 24c1024 is 1MB data size . i need know beyond the 1MB there is any eeprom available like 4mb or 8mb ?

Most of the large electronic part suppliers have pages where you can select, list and sort devices, so you can check for yourself;

Here is the Farnell\Element14 page on EEPROMs;

Not sure where this is leading .. but you can make larger eeprom area by using multiple chips

But … can’t see what direction this is going, what’s the project shows parts up to 512K by 8 area available. (4 Megabit, 512K Megabyte).
How you connect up more depends on the interface type selected.
With SPI for example, SCK/MOSI/MISO are all connected in parallel, and a unique chip select is used for each device. Sure, more pins than I2C, but also way faster. SPI runs at 8 MHz clock with a 16 MHz Uno, but only 400 KHz clock with I2C, and I2C has more overhead with a transfer.

Great !. you mean to say .. with 400khz it's long time take the data from last page of 24c1024 ... ? good have spi memory ?

Good question, that OP didn't answer yet.
A WeMos D1 mini could be used for that secret project.
The ESP-12 on that board has 4Mb SPIFFS (SPI Flash) built-in.

oh..oh .. it's just temperature recorder around 30days ... we want see after 30days graph of temperature variation .

I think an SD-card is suitable for that project. :wink:

Google "A beginner's guide to the ESP8266".
Towards the end of that guide is a DS18B20 temp sensor sketch, with time stamps, that you can access as a graph on your laptop/PC/smartphone.
Several months of data can be stored onto the internal SPIFFS memory of the WeMosD1.
No external SD card needed.

thanks i have connected with Arduino Nano with SPI display so, little scared of using sd card with for storage .if possible i will try connect with sd card .

There you go . The SD data is then easier to analyse on a PC/Mac , other wise you’d need code to extract your data and put it somewhere

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