Maximum FLASH Memory


I'm programming the Arduino101 board and my sketch requires the 97% of avaiable program memory, which maximum value is indicated as 155648 bytes.

The problem is that official documentation establishes that the maximum FLASH memory used for Arduino sketches is 196 kB and this is in disagree with that indicated by my Arduino IDE.

This is the link -> Solved: How much memory can Intel curie(Arduino 101) support for storing samples in flash memory maximum ? - Intel Community

someone could me explain this disagreement?

The tech specs in the shop say the same thing

Don't forget there will be overheads and such which might account for differences in reported usage.
Also IIRC one of the IDE's used less memory than the newer ones so you might be able to scrounge a little more by reverting (you would have to google to be sure)

Intel is likely the correct number and don't forget bytes vs bits and Kb vs kb etc etc.

Hi Everyone,

The Curie chip has 196 kB of flash on it, however it is shared between the x86 and ARC cores. Arduino sketches run on the ARC code, sketches have a partition size of 152 kB of the flash. The other flash space is used by the boot loader and RTOS running on the x86 core.

Thank you for your answers!!