Maximum Number of Posts in a Five Minute Time Period??

Somebody please tell me, what is the point of the "Maximum Number of Posts in a Five Minute Time Period" limitation???? It seems to be there just to annoy me. The other day, I was making a post, and then decided after I posted it that I wanted to add to it, so I hit the "Quick Edit" button and made a few changes. When I went to click "Save", it came up with a red message that tells me that I have exceeded some sort of preset maximum, and to try again later. Seriously?? I just want to make an edit, here! Not to mention that it's happened multiple times! (On different days of course).

I suppose it's supposed to stop me from being able to spam the forums, but isn't three posts kind of small? I mean, if I'm just typing out a few responses to questions on previous answers or topics, across three different forums, shouldn't I be able to do that without having to leave and come back to post it?

I agree that there should be some sort of limitation, but why only three??

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P.S. And don't even think about saying "because three is a magic number" (42 is a much better answer, if that's the amount of helpfulness you feel like giving.)

Ah the age old question with just as many answers.

Not sure why you ask as there are a plethora of posts on this very topic.
Reason well they too are also mentioned in small to great detail...Again found by reading other posts on the same question.

Edits ? Ahhh well the secret to that is to again read more and post less.

If your post was just a mild rant then consider it read and replied.
We should all be allowed that small perk.

I often resort to sarcasm (Yes I know it is the lowest form of wit) but it has its uses in stress relief.

I often resort to sarcasm (Yes I know it is the lowest form of wit) but it has its uses in stress relief.

As do I. And sometimes, there is that bit of sarcasm that just so happens to put life on this planet in a nutshell. It is not so much a form of wit, but rather more of an art which precious few can truly master (and usually those few are nerds like us getting frustrated at whatever random illogical piece of life that happens to inconveniently exist).

So, my friends, let us enjoy a moment of pure, unfiltered sarcasm as I openly announce that life is the most logical thing that ever happened. Even if the only true answer to it is 42.

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