Maximum range of ArduinoBT

dear forum,

I have searched a lot in this forum and in other sites, but I can't find this information. What is the maximum range covered by the Bluetooth module of ArduinoBT? In the datasheet of WT11 sheet, it is written "Class 1, range up to 300 meters" but, in my tests, I haven't been able to connect to an ArduinoBT if the distance between it and my computer is higher than 8 meters. I tried some different adapters with my computer, and some of them also had the same range in their specifications ("range up to 300 meters").

Link to the datasheet:

thank you, andrei

Not sure about the arduino BT range specifically, but bluetooth typically has a range of around 10 metres, its designed for short range wireless connection of peripherals. (Headsets to mobile phones is the classic example). If you want longer range you use Wifi.