Maximum serial read and store on SD card

Hi Is it possible to read 400 values (float, 1 integear + 5 decimal digits) via serial com every 10 s and store on SD card or will that generate to many varaiables (400) for the memory of a UNO R3. What is the max number of variables. Or should i read it as a string and write? Or is it posisble to read and write on the fly? Baudrate dependent i suppose.

Noob znutt

(float, 1 integear + 5 decimal digits)

That is not the definition of a float as a string. There could be one character before the decimal point, and 5 characters after the decimal point.

Reading 8 characters will be very fast. Receiving 8 characters will take time. How much depends on the baud rate. Receiving, reading, and saving 3200 characters to the SD card every 10 seconds might be possible, with a high enough baud rate. You will need to try it.

You don't NEED to remember more than 1 character at a time. The HardwareSerial and SD classes will take care of remembering the rest.

Reading 3200 characters, converting them to floats, and writing them to the SD card, every 10 seconds, isn't going to happen.

What is the max number of variables.

Divide the number of unused bytes of memory by the size of one variable to get the number of variables you can have. We don't know what your sketch is doing, so we can't tell how much free memory you have. We don't know what type variable you want to create, so we can't do the math for you.

Hi Thanks for the input.

Will go for read and write then, no converstion

I havent started to do this project yet. Only made som small sketchec to try different components. Using Basicstamp and Picaxe before

Found this thread after som alternetive google serch This is what i will try