Maximum that arduino can handle.

Hello All,

I was doing a project where I would need to control and monitor the following elements. I would need your input to know if this is too much to expect from an arduino / or if it can operate with stability or not.

A) Monitor tank levels , temperature and ph for 6 tanks.
B) Function as a tank level controller( relay driven motor) for another tank
C) Function as a timer based pump controller for another tank.
D) Monitor and display atmospheric temperature and humidity.

Can I single arduino perform all these with good stability?

Thanks in advance.

An arduino can do all that with ease. Depending on the specifics of your sensors and pumps you may have a lot of I/O lines to control, possibly more than a standalone Uno could manage. You could address this with shift registers or a larger arduino such as a Mega.

Thank you wildbill. Appreciate your time.

No problem, even with an old Duemilanove. An Uno is fine. Try googling for "I2C IO expander", there are lots of options if you decide you need more pins.

Also, its possible you can get digital I2C sensors for a lot of these devices for stuff like the Temperature and pH (And maybe Level, I don’t know how you intend to do level). These only require 2 wires for all of them, but you will need them to be addressable up to at least 8 devices. Another question is how quickly do things need to react? If you are talking about cycling through measurements every 100+ms, then you are fine, but if you need it to react fast to something, then the arduino is not a good fit, since most likely you will be unable to perform ‘real-time’ adjustments. That being said, you are working in liquid tanks, which tend to take seconds to react to any disturbance at all.