MaxSonar EZ2 Noise / Range Issues


I am using the Proximity Sensor Maxbotic MaxSensor EZ2 (Ultrasonic Range Finder) for figuring out the distance between people and and an object.

I am using the analog output of the sensor to an analog Input of the arduino. Then i am smoothingthe results.

In the manual it says that with 5V it should give me the distance of ca. 6m and the value 1024. But having the sensor in an open room of 10 meters it only gets as wide as 4m and ca. 500 as an analog value. Also there is a lot of noise between the distance of 1.5m-4m, between 0-1.5m it seems fine.

What can cause this noise? Any idea how to reduce it on the hardware side?


You might look at using a sound deadning "cone of silence" that could help eliminate unwanted echo and other possible acoustic interference.