maxuino & TLC5940 (or other) thru Max/Msp?

Have anyone done that?
I simply want to control my TLC5940 (or the 595's for that matter..) thru max, wich i think should be possible.
The problem for me is, that i dont know what kind of serial/bite's im supose to send out, if i just knew them i would probly be able to mock something up in max.
(maxuino seems to be just great otherwise!)

Also, i would be able to do shiftOuts, so i can do something similar to this:

From studying the code in the PD_firmware, i see the option there, but the code doesnt make much sense to me, yet. Im trying to understand more and more tho, but im a little lost on where to learn these things.
I do get that the pd_firmware is about sending midi, sysex etc., and i understand the serial communication between the arduino & max. But thats about it really.

Is there any place where i can read up more on this?

did you end up getting max controlling separate leds on the tlc?