Maxuino turning Serial to MIDI

So my project is using arduino with analog flex sensors (resistors) to turn those into MIDI notes to work in Ableton.

I am using maxuino, I have the serial data coming in. That works. I know I need to use a map function to convert the serial data to MIDI data. There does not seem to be a lot of good documentation for Maxuino once you set it up. I was trying to use Maxuino cause I was hoping it would be easier to set up and change notes for musical functions.
What is my next step?

P.S. I actually started with Arduino IDE and got it working in ableton, but figured there would be easier to use Max for music stuff.

Thanks any help

Im also strongly considering starting from scratch and programming my own stuff in Max.

Also I got the code working in Arduino IDE. Maybe it would be easier to code than I think?