Maxuino update for Firmata v2 and arduino

Hello all, I am just returning to max after a hiatus and in preparing a good max-arduino interface I have gone to the trouble of updating the maxuino port of PDuino which allows easy interface with arduinos that have the standard firmata v.2 loaded onto them. I have tested all of the inputs and outputs and believe I worked through the issues, but since I am by no means a master at this and don't want to step on the original creator's shoes, I wanted to introduce it into the wild on the hope that any issues could be cleaned up by those in the know. Enjoy!

download the files here:

I have finished the update and it is ready for release here:

maxuino .005 has arrived!

Max + Firmata v2 + ardiuno = big fun!

thanks to Marius Schebella for the original port from PD