May I post a link to my Kickstarter "Preview" page here?

My project (designed on three Arduino Uno boards) is complete, and almost ready to change from "project" to "product".

Kickstarter allows me to share a link to a "Preview" of my project's listing, before I click the button to make it go active. This gives friends and associates a chance to evaluate -- and suggest last-minute changes -- before my presentation goes live to the world.

Am I allowed to post that link here and ask for suggestions? Or would that be seen as advertising / spam?

Maybe: " Exhibition / Gallery " would be better.

If you post it here, the kind Moderators will move it if they see fit :wink:


or Products and Services

Am I allowed to post that link here and ask for suggestions?

Sounds like you are asking for a technical review. Is that correct?

A review off all aspects actually, certainly including technical.

Mostly, I was thinking people on Arduino would be aware of what was correct wording for a public description of a technical item. What would turn people on to such a device, and what would turn them off.

I thought here, I’d find those experienced with things like Kickstarter, who could advise wisely from their own experience.

Here seems fine.

Bear in mind, detailed quality questions tend to get detailed quality answers.