May I suggest to separate EEPROMs from the Storage in Forum?

I am learning to use EEPROMs. From searching the forum I found EEPROM-related topics scattered and under different wording.

May I suggest to have a separate section in the forum dedicated to EEPROM, perhaps along with FRAMs?

It might be also interesting to group all basic info about using this type of storage in a sticky.

Thank you for all the help I receive!

You can ask. Don't expect a reply.

It would make sense to also group the ESP8266 questions in a separate area and all the NRF24 questions in a separate area. That hasn't happened yet, either.

Indeed, a more structured organization of the forum may help- at least the beginners.


Because of items being scattered among various sections I found that several questions are rised over and over again. It is the case of the EEPROMs. Questions about how to write on and how to throw in the floating point numbers are repeated several times and most of the times the threads ends un-conclusively. And another guy asks again the same question.

One may ask why not continue the existing threads instead of starting new ones? Well, from my point of view there are several reasons:
a) it is bizarre to re-vigorate a 2 years old thread
b) the way the question is rised does not allow spotting the thread
c) the subject is buried in a pile of similar threads

I also found that the projects abandon rate is high in the Arduino world. Therefore, one may ask a question and then give up the project. And so on. At the end, there are lots of small threads.


I then suggest sub-sections under storage section or split the storage into few sections.

I did, in the past, suggest a separate section for ESP8266s because they are very different from regular Arduinos but the suggestion was not well received.

Apart from that I am not in favour of fragmenting the Forum into more sections. So many questions that arise are hard to catageorize and so many newbies post questions in sections without giving the location any thought. (Makes me wonder at times how they could ever think logically enough to get any program working).

For example how could you decide whether a question about writing or reading an EEPROM should go in your proposed EEPROM section or in the PROGRAMMING or PROJECT-GUIDANCE sections.

Google is an effective way to find stuff and it doesn't care what section it is in.

And it is much easier to help someone if all the questions about a project are in the same Thread.


If a section is dedicated to EEPROM, then all questions for eeprom can go inthere.

As it is now, it is even more scattered, because one has to decide to place EEPROMs quesion:
a) in Storage
b) in Programming

But the same goes with a question dedicated to SD:
a) in Storage
b) in programming

As a result the Storage hosts a mix of SD and EEPROMs questions.

If we would have two separate Storage SD and Storage EEPROMs, then at least the EEPROMs and SD will go separate.


Google is of little help, try and see for yourself. It returns so many questions mixed together in various sections, that is is with the human to filter the results further on. It also has to cope with posts 3 years ago, 2 days ago and revigorated posts.

I tried. And I found easier to rise a question again than to spend hours in digging in various threads.

My idea is that grouping more by components may help the forum to play its role of knowledge base.


On the other hand in my view section programming is somehow redundant. We code something which is anyway in other threads.

Deciding whether is programming question or component-question is very difficult. Lets take my example: addressing EEPROMs. Is this a programming topic? Yes, if we take the floating point case. No, if we take the basic writing/reading issue. Of course, this is my opinion. Somebody else may have another opinion - equally true.

If a section is dedicated to EEPROM, then all questions for eeprom can go inthere.

It's not nearly that simple IMHO.

I have just suggested in one Thread that the OP might need to store values in the EEPROM memory - but the main purpose of his Thread is not about EEPROMs. And his eventual solution might not need to use the EEPROM.

What would work IMHO is the ability to link a Thread with one or more tags from a limited list. EEPROM could certainly be one of them. That would allow people to group Threads in different ways without the need for complicated decisions about where to post a question. But this would require a substantial change to the underlying Forum software.


I can certainly agree with r2 on the ESP's /other RF devices getting their own section.
The other request I don't have enough knowledge on to make an informed decision.

Names of the sections I do think could be improved on as the amount of posts ending up in the wrong sections can cause some frustration..

Prime example would be the "101" sure its a board but its also a beginner term too.
Know I have had to ask for posts to be moved from there and a couple of other areas where ambiguity can creep in.

Why should the Arduino forums have a section for ESP-based boards, when they currently don't sell any sucH boards? The fact that it's easy to set up a 3rd party board these days is prettty nice, but it doesn't mean that the forum can support every such board that someone happens to sell...

Why should the Arduino forums have a section for ESP-based boards, when they currently don’t sell any sucH boards? The fact that it’s easy to set up a 3rd party board these days is prettty nice, but it doesn’t mean that the forum can support every such board that someone happens to sell…

There is a lot of validity in these sentiments.

The other side of the coin is that ESP8266 devices are gaining in popularity and whether one likes it or not there are many questions on this Forum about them and IMHO it would be helpful if they have a section where other ESP8266 experts could easily find them and offer help. And where newbies could easily find help.

There is always the option (which might be inferred from your comments but which I would NOT support) simply to delete all questions about ESP8266 devices.


In my opinion, more Forum sections may lead to less topics started (and get to longer discussions around the same subject instead of starting again the same topic, sometimes after years). Everybody gains.

I got so many excellent advises in the short term since I am member here!