Maybe Arduino is something for me??

Hi, I have a little job, that I need to make. I have looked for ways to solve it, at maybe Arduino is a solution for my issue. Please let me know, as i have never played with this before - only some pic16f, that i programmed in assembler.

The project is as follows: I get a 10 bit parallel gray-code from an encoder (24 V signals). This i have to read out - my idea was to read it out on a 16x2 lcd display, as i already have this laying around. Initially, i guess, that i have to convert the graycode to a 10bit binary, and then again convert this into a 4 digit decimal or even a 4 digit 7-seg, if I should choose to use 7-segments instead.
Since the pic16f series only have a 8bit databus, I think, that it would be easier to either choose a pic24f (16bit) or maybe try out an Arduino for the first time.
What do you think - maybe you even have some code made, that I can have a look at for doing the job?

Best regards

The Arduino can easily do what you want, perhaps with a little additional hardware such as two Parallel-in/Serial-out shift registers. That would allow you to capture 16 bita at one time.

The conversion from Grey to Binary is fairly easy and the Arduino can do it.

Arduino is so far running on 8-bit hardware but it's no problem using 16 or 32 bit variables, especially with the C compiler available. You can capture 10-bit parallel with external chips or you can use 5 pins each of PORTB and PORTD although you'll have to shift 24V down to 5V unless you buy a Ruggeduino which is built to take up to 24V directly.

What should get your rocks off is the Arduino IDE, at least if you're at all familiar with C/C++. And since you've already worked with PIC you know about limited environments. I think you will do well.