Maybe looking for a new webhost, suggestions?

I am currently with, who had a security attack a couple months ago forcing everyone to reset their password, but ever since then I am bombarded with spam in all my email accounts, and every site I was hosting becomes infected with spyware in less than a month

I have sent in a trouble ticket, but hey, I have been dealing with web host companies since 1996, and eventhough I did everything they asked, and was running the most up to date version of my site software with security mod’s added on top, It will be my fault and they will not look into it end of story

they ALL do that >:(

so while I am waiting for an email telling me to go stuff my self and thanks for using I thought I would get the opinion of people for hosting in the US

I dont need the space or the bandwidth that I once did, so as long as its

  1. CHEAP!

  2. reasonably zippy

  3. not or godaddy (I couldnt upload through ftp for the last 3 months with those JA’s)

  4. SSH is darn nice but I have only had access to my hostmonster SSH account for a few months now, it will be missed but not needed


What are you going to host?

I was looking around for good providers too, but found none that I really liked, then ended up with putting it on my QNAP TS-219P nas…


Kinda pricey but they bend over backwords for me way to often. Great customer support.

What are you going to host?

oh the same crap I have for nearly 15 years, just random personal pages for me and friends, email accounts for me, and some backup space in the cloud

when I got my host monster account I was at my peak, eating nearly a TB a month in bandwidth and about 250 gb in space, but almost all of that is either died off in time or abandoned by their respective communities, Im currently consuming less than a gig of bandwidth a month and about a gig of personal files

I see this as a way to cut the cost a little, although I would much rather keep hostmonster as my host, as explained I have about as much faith of them actually trying to even look at it, as I do in winning the lottery

I have yet to meet a webhost that cares

Liquid web cant beat hostmonster as far as price and services, but its @ 2 on my list sofar (i have posted this question on multiple forums)

course as more info comes in that may change, but thank you for the suggestion

I’ve been using hostgator for quite a few years now and never had any serious problems where I lost data.

They did once have a serious hard drive meltdown on the server I was using, but normal service was resumed within 24hours.

They’ve been fast, reliable and very helpful whenever I’ve asked questions.

I opted for a reseller package though (not sure how that’ll affect bandwidth / transfer rates) but means I can host the 8 or so sites I have without fear of going over bandwidth / space issues. ::slight_smile:

And you can SSH!!

Hope that helps

thanks for the suggestion, I will check them out in a bit

Have you talked to hostmonster’s customer service? No doubt they could help you get rid of your troubles for good (spam and spyware + whatever else). I’ve been with them for a bunch of domains, and I have never had an issue with them ('cept for their new password regulation, that pissed me off at first). They’re prices are great too, IMHO.

I am waiting for a reply, I have delt with their “service” once before and I about dropped them then

If they try and argue I want to be packed up and ready as I am at the end of my service agreement, and I am not going to plop down another 2 years of money for their problem

yes their problem, it does not matter what software I use, every single one of them has been infected at the database, and that is where I expect a fight

everything from phpbb to joomla is all infected by the same stuff on my site, all were fully up to date, and aside from the occasional spam bot I have never had any issues out of any of my sites since I have been with hostmonster, until they got hacked, and now my databases get eaten alive, the last case was a fresh wordpress install, fully updated, and patched up with security add on’s, it did not even last a full 2 weeks

For my website, I use Hurricane Electric ( I have found their support to be top-notch and responsive. They also also don’t baby you with fancy gui crap - ssh and sftp; if you want a fancy web gui to manage your site, install it yourself. It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Another company I know of that good for hosting is a local one here in Phoenix - - I’ve never used their services, though, but my employer does (mainly co-lo), and he hasn’t had any complaints with their services.

I use eukhost. They’re a British company and seem reasonably priced. I’ve found them reliable enough and have great customer services - any problem I’ve had has been resolved quickly and they’re quite happy to move domains and hosting packages around for me.

I don’t tend make good use of them though (I’ve a windows and a nix package with them), and do anything experimental on my QNAS web server. I’ve got 1.5mbps upspeed at home so it does for normal day-to-day stuff, but on the odd occasion I get 100,000+ hits in a weekend I need something a bit more reliable.

well, less than 3 minuets after walked in for business this morning I got

This is not an issue with your password or with our servers.

well gee thanks for not even bothering to look :frowning:

Another one I will plug, simply due to some recent interaction with them at my job, is Rackspace; specifically their “cloud” offerings (I put the word “cloud” in quotes simply because what they offer in that arena only matches their definition of a “cloud” - which seems loose to me).

Their online chat support was fast and responsive, very helpful, and even telephone support turned out to be the same, and knowledgeable about their product vs. your needs. In the end, we didn’t use them (it didn’t fit our client’s needs, ultimately), but from what I saw, for the majority of uses, the cloud hosting and/or the cloud servers would fit a lot needs well (and it wasn’t very expensive, either).

well, I came back with an attitude of “I have a bunch a crap for a big ole fight, but your not worth it as my billing is up next month anyway” in a apathy tone

and got a small investigation, so while I still got a dose of BS right before work ended today, they have found some stuff and showed me, but are continuing to look into how it keeps coming back

so Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I have a top 4 list going right now, and in 3 weeks (and 3 days) if I still have issues with my current one that info will be put to good use