Maybe Pushbutton not Works?

Hi everybody,
i’ve a question that i’m unable to solve and so i’m going to ask it to you: so tnx to everybody will help me XD

I’ve created a simple circuit with a pushbutton, but when i press it, not works.

So i’ve tried to substitute my pushbutton by using another one: same result.

After that i’ve removed pushbutton and i’ve substituted it with a simple wire and my circuit works fine.

You could see images attached that should explain better what i’m saying.

What do u think about that? Double pushbutton defected?

Tnx a lot.
Bye Paolo.

Try turning it 90 degrees...

What do u think about that? Double pushbutton defected?

No just wired up wrong.

Wire it up across the corners.

Hi Fungus and Hi Grumpy, really tnx a lot for your replies.

So i've tried to turn 90 degrees but nothing change.

However i've followed Grumpy suggest and circuit works if I try to wire up in the same hole of push button.

Why does it occures?

Really tnx a lot. Bye. Paolo.

Why does it occures?

Because two of the pins are joined together on each side, so you have to wire between the pins that are not joined. If you wire from corner to corner you always get the two pins that are made when you press the button.