Mayday, Mayday! Unable to send e-mail with SIM5300E (3G) SIMCOM module

Dear all,

I am struggling for the past few days to send an e-mail with the SIM5300 3G module, but in vain. I had no success so far and I really cannot understand what I am doing wrong.

The SIM5300E 3G module has different AT commands from SIM900 or SIM5320 modules.

I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 with a trivial sketch to send AT commands to the 3G module.

Please find attached the Arduino code and the communication with the 3G module.

Has anyone of you had any experience with SIM5300E?

Thank you in advance.

softwareserial_3G_module.ino (632 Bytes)

sending_email_response.pdf (218 KB)

I, too, was puzzled by the topic of data transfer to the email. True, I had a modem sim5320. The following instruction helped me:

It uses Arduino Uno (as in my case).
Unfortunately, there is very little information in your code. How does he work at all? I advise you to base the code on this link: