Maze solving tank with ultrasonic sensors too close to wall and zig zags

Hi I have been tasked with building and coding an autonomous tank maze solver, I have no previous coding experience so have been having to constantly research each part of my code. I have the tank functioning the sensors work and the tank responds as expected in each scenario (to a certain degree). My problems are that it doesn’t matter what distance I set the parameters at within my code my tank stays about 2cm from the wall, also when moving I can’t get it to run in a straight line, it basically zig zags. Any suggestions of how to remedy my problems would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

My code (apologies for the formatting I know its horrendous)

final_tank_solver_test.ino (10.2 KB)

The ultrasonic sensors I've dealt with can't measure a distance like 2cm. There's a minimum that makes it hard to use for wall detection that can be many times greater. Also, you're checking multiple sensors in rapid succession, which gives a risk of echoes from the prior one impacting the one you're reading now.

Do you have simpler code that verifies that your sensors are giving you good data?

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Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?

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As @wildbill has suggested, do you have code that you wrote during development to JUST prove the operation and response of the ultrasonics?
Can I suggest you use the NewPing library to simplify your ultrasonic measurements.

How wide is the maze and what are the dimensions of the tank?

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