MB85RC256V I2C address

Hello folks,

just ran the I2C scanner on a MB85RC256V chip and found the 0x50 to 0x57 (depending on the A0 to A2 setting). But I also found a 0x7C address when adding the chip to the bus.

What is that address for?

Which Arduino are you using?
Which FRAM module are you using or is it a bare chip?

I'm using a UNO an the FRAM is a "I2C FRAM breaktout" (small PCB). The chip is a MB85RC256V.

Strange. Do you see the additional device at 0x7C regardless of the address of the FRAM?

Do you get the same results using a different i2c scanner?

No, when disconnecting the FRAM, the 0x7C disappeared.

Different i2c scanner? Hmm... thought there was only one.

I think there are several out there that pretty much do the same thing. There is one that might be useful. Have a look at this thread as this scanner runs at different clock speeds.

Thanks. I'll try that one.

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