mbed and arduino

Hi Folks,

While not really the best place to put this quastion I am sure some of the more hardcore users can give me some guidance.

Recently ST has released a a few development kits that are mbed compatible.

I have never worked with mbed and was just wondering if it would be an advantage in regards to arduino. I could do with some of the features on the mbed platform like native USB host and obviously cortex, but the question is, how will this compare with the arduino due, for example? Is is something work to look at?

Just to clarify, I dont pretend to let go of arduino, simply for some more complex projects I am looking for an alternative solution with lots of I/Os and processing capabilities for those complicated projects.

Any advice welcome

I have lost track for what mbed means :-( Originally it was an NXP board and "cloud-based" development environment, which made people a bit nervous. More recently it seems to have become very multi-vendor!

Still the same, just supporting ST ARM chips now. The NXP Boards were always ridiculously overpriced, hence I never looked much at it.

The development is still cloud based (Nice as it can run windows, linux, mac, etc.) The board emulates a mass storage device and the compiled file is sent there. Quite nice feature.