MBED Application Shield + Light sensor and temperature humidity sensor


It’s my first topic in this forum, so if I made mistake about format or something like this I apologies in advance.

I own actually an K64F board with MBED application shield, Light sensor (bh1750fvi) and a humidity sensor (BME280).

However, with my actual skills in this domain I’m unable to do crazy things when tasks need lot of acknowledge with electrical connections and stuff like that, I’m CS student initially so hardware it’s not my domain.

So, my goal is to work with MBED shield’s components and in the same the light and humidity sensors, however I saw that it’s impossible to connect these 2 extra component directly to the MBED shield, I tried to connect it to the XBEE socket but it seems to be impossible to getting them works (cf picture http://imgur.com/a/T06yx).

What are my solutions ? I bought a breadboard and wires by sake of prudence…

Thank you

Do you have links to the shields?

Do you have links to the shields?

MBED Application shield : https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/mbed-application-shield (shield at the top of the picture)

K64F the board : https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/FRDM-K64F/