Mbed commands

Hi everyone,
I know that the ARDUINO NANO 33 sense works on mbed framework.
I would like to use some mbed commands, like Thread.

The porting guide said:
"from any sketch you can call mbed APIs by prepending mbed:: namespace."
But if I try this sketch, it doesn't works.

#include "mbed.h"

mbed::Thread thread;

void setup() {

void loop() {

Any ideas?

Not all mbed commands use the mbed workspace, the thread object is part of the rtos workspace

rtos::Thread thread; dose work

Thx @Micromouse-me-uk

I would like to better understand the hierarchy under the library.

In the library, this line, Arduino loads the mbed.h library.

Why i need to use "mbed::" to recall the mbed functions? is it not called by the Arduino.h?

In the mbed.h, this line, the library load all stuffs from mbed, included rtos.h .

But this time i don't need to add mbed::rtos:: . Why?

I am not exactly a C++ expert so am probably not the best person to answer this.
In the file threds.h this line

namespace rtos {

sets the class to use rtos as the namespace, I don’t think you have more than one name space for an object so if a new one is defined in that context it overrides the last one until the end of the context (context is between the {} brackets), hopefully this will all be documented eventually.