MCP-4131 and motor not working

Hey all,

I've bought a couple of MCP-4131 digital potentiometers and I've set them up correctly. Setting the SPI transfer value my multimeter shows the values go up then down as expected. So it works.

Equally, my mini motors ( when I plug them straight in to the +ve and -ve rails on my breadboard work.

Checking the voltage when the circuit is: arduino -> MCP-4131 (+ve) -> motor -> multimeter -> -ve rail I can see the motor should be at full power, but is not.

Is there a reason for this? Do I need a different kind of chip or motor?

Thanks :)

Chip. The digital pots are not meant for high currents to go thru them, just 25mA absolute max.

Argh, should have thought of that. I saw it could handle the same voltage and didn't think any further than that. Would you happen to know of any small chips which could do the job? Thanks :)