mcp1700-5002e/to untouchable - no current

Hello - I am planning on using a mcp1700-5002 to regulate voltage. I have it hooked to 6v from 4 aaa batteries. even with open power out and ground leads, the chip is too hot to touch. Is this normal. I thought these were super low power draw.

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No, that's not normal although the maximum input voltage is 6V so use a multimeter and make sure that your input voltage is actually below that.
Can you post a schematic of how you've connected it? What capacitors are you using on the input and output?

yea something isn't right with input voltage or the regulator itself

Thank you for the quick response. I have no capacitors hooked to it. I am going directly from battery positive to Vin and battery negative to ground. I am getting 6.2 volts. I forgot about the 6 volt limit. I could not find the chip with a higher volt in rating. I could use a 7805. I am only going to power the unit for a minute or two a day. Or am I better with 3 batteries and a boosting regulator to get 5 volts? I am going to be sending and sms when it is on and I think there can be a very very short moment at 2 amps, people have not been able to even see the jump on a meter.

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Check the datasheet- voltage regulators need capacitors on the input and out to function properly.
You should easily be able to find a voltage regulator with a higher maximum input. What output voltage do you need?
The MCP1700 is only rated for 250mA so if you're expecting to draw higher currents you need something more powerful.

For informed help, post the details of your project.

Sending SMS messages will require about 2 Amperes, and your power supply must be able to provide that.

I am using an Arduino mini pro 5v. It will have hall sensors going into it along with an a6-thinker board. I could go with a lower volt mini pro if needed.


As far as power, it need to be a battery. I can go with a bank of 3-aaa, 4-aaa, 3.7v lipo or 7.4c lipo. I have them all right now. I need to send one text per day.

I could also put two banks of aaa batteries in parallel to double the current capability at 4.5 or 6v.

I would just use 3x AA in series to give you 4.5V.

Hello - I am planning on using a mcp1700-5002 to regulate voltage. I have it hooked to 6v from 4 aaa batteries.

First off, appreciate that for around half their battery life, 1.5V batteries (Alkaline ?) will actually be 1.2V so feeding 4.8V into a 5V regulator is not going to give you 5V out, you might as well not bother with the regulator.

Assume 1.2V for Alaklines and plan accordingly. 5 x aaa would be a far better choice.

Second Vin max for the MCP1700 is 6V, new Alkalines are likely to be 1.55V, so yout input voltage is likely 6.2V.

The MCP1702 has a max Vin of 13.2V, so good to go for 5 x aaa.